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We welcome you to our website. Bandha weaving Known as “Tie and Dye” weaving is the art of tieing and dying of warp and weft threads as per the required design. It is in the process of hand weaving that the contemplated design gets transmitted on to the fabric by the weft hand of the weaver. For this rare and exceptional art Western Odisha is famous worldwide.

It is this art which has been given new dimension and taken to an unimaginable height by Shilpaguru Padmashree Chaturbhuj Meher, the master craftsman, by devoting his sleepless nights.

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Feature Collections...

Sri Jajna Narayana Bandha

Bridal Wedding SareesThis is a wonderful piece of tie and dye art prepared by Shree Chaturbhuj Meher. Here the artist conceives Sri Subhadra, Sri Jagannath and Sri Balabhadra s the creator, preserver and destroyer of the creation respectively, and the Jajna as the creation from which emerge the Lords.

Maha Laxmi Puja Bandha

embroidered SareesHere a full blooming lotus is woven to symbolize the inhabitance of Goddess Laxmi with elephants in both sides and owl her “Bahana” in Tie and Dye work. This is an artistic expression of the Laxmi Puja observed in Odisha on the Thursdays of Margasira with a relevant shloka (incantation) on it.

Unity of Elephants

Unity of ElephantThis tie and dye wall hanging displays a large number of elephants walking along a curved path. The picture shows elephant’s loyal and sociable nature. Further, elephant is an auspicious motif representing strength, power, non-violence and helpfulness.

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